TEKK Challenge Overview

TEKK Challenge is an exciting new programme designed to give 9 to 13 year old students who are currently in Year 5-8, a hands-on, practical experience of forming a company to meet a technological challenge, and to help them identify and develop Enterprise and STEM skills and attitudes that will be invaluable to them both now and in their future working lives.

The Partnership Approach – TEKK Challenge is designed to bring business and education together in a partnership to invest in the future of the next generation. Ambassadors from local business will work side by side with students and teachers in the schools raising awareness of opportunities, sharing knowledge and building partnerships.

The Challenge – Each year a new challenge will be launched with help from local business for the teams, for example they may be tasked to build a bridge, a tower or even a schoolhouse.

The Timescale – The challenge will take place in schools and delivery will be a minimum of 8 hours during either the autumn or spring term with a showcase event at the end of the summer term at an external venue.

The Content – The programme will consist of five sessions in school plus the showcase event in the summer.

  • Session 1 – Forming a team – Making a company. Through the “Which Woodland Creature” activity students will identify some of their own skills and personalities to help them form a team that will progress into a company.
  • Session 2 – Company Image. Students discover the importance of planning and preparation before designing and making their own company uniforms.
  • Session 3 – Planning & Designing the Prototype. Students will learn about different materials and construction techniques and then discuss and plan the prototype for the TEKK Challenge.
  • Session 4 – Building & Testing Students will manufacture the prototype modifying the design and construction plans as they go.
  • Session 5 – Presentation and Showcase Event. Students will present their company and prototype to the rest of their class whilst the teacher and ambassador select a team to represent the school.
  • Session 6 – Competition. The winning teams from the school will be invited to showcase their prototype at an external venue / competition and compete for a series of awards supported by local business.

The Who – TEKK Challenge will be facilitated through a TEKK Hub in each region, each hub is responsible for recruiting the schools (TEKK Centres) and training the TEKK Champions (Teaching staff) and TEKK Ambassadors (Volunteers from local business)

For details on your TEKK Hub, please contact us