Together Inspired

Together Inspired

European Training and Apprenticeship Offer

B&E Together Ltd has established a European Apprentice programme with its partners from France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Bulgaria, Italy and Spain.  B&E Together Ltd work with these European Partners to provide apprentices and trainees with a unique and exciting European training opportunity. All of our programmes offer a high quality work placement, training and cultural experience in one of our European partner countries.

UK to Europe

UK companies wishing to offer their trainees or apprentices a unique opportunity to:

  • Widen their knowledge and skills
  • Experience different working practices and models
  • Learn new methods and techniques within their sector/trade
  • Enhance their personal and professional development

      Key Benefits for Participants include:

      • Significant contribution to personal and professional development through work experience in an unfamiliar and challenging  environment.
      • Increased confidence, language and inter-cultural skills.
      • Raising awareness of employment opportunities on a wider geographical basis.
      • Strengthening CV’s and increasing employability in a competitive labour market.
      • Validation of acquired skills through European partner endorsements.
      • Development of networks in Europe through which to exchange trade practices and methods within their industry sector.

              Host Families

              European Apprentices are still looking for families in South Yorkshire to provide accommodation for up to three weeks whilst they experience a work placement in the UK.

              Staying with Host Families provides the perfect way for Apprentices to appreciate the hospitality of people in South Yorkshire. Alongside the cultural activities they undertake it gives them a more rounded experience whilst visiting the UK.

              Contact the team for Host Family enquiries on 01709 513 380.

              Alternatively, you can fill out the form (currently unavailable) on the right which will be emailed directly to the team.

              Thank You

              The support South Yorkshire businesses provide to European Apprentice Training helps B&E Together Ltd to BUILD close relationships and a spirit of cooperation with our partners on the continent. This in turn allows Trainees/Apprentices to benefit by undertaking European work experiences with our partners across a wide range of sectors.

              B&E Together Ltd would like to say a massive THANK YOU to all South Yorkshire Businesses who welcome and support young people as part of our European Apprentice Programme.