Compagnons du Devoir – France

Established according to the law 1901, the Association des Compagnons du Devoir du Tour de France represents the traditional trades of the Compagnonage du Devoir. it continues to provide, through each of these trades, its secular mission of the compagnonnage: to allow a man to fulfill himself through the accomplishment of his work. This objective is achieved through numerous professional training programmes.

In the Compagnons du Devoir today there are:

  • More than 8500 young workers in apprenticeships or in further professional development.
  • 5300 apprentices (in initial training.)
  • 1300 trainees (a period of transition between the apprenticeship and the Tour de France.)
  • 2000 ‘Aspirants’ and ‘Compagnons’ (or journeymen) perfecting their skills (during the Tour de France.)
  • 15000 company trainees.

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The Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) provides opportunities for organisations, staff and learners involved in education and training across Europe to work together, learn from each others’ expertise, and widen their experience of other cultures and languages.

The work undertaken through projects funded by the LLP is also helping to develop and shape the education and training landscape in the UK.

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CVO Heusden-Zolder is officially recognized by the Flemish government as an educational institute for adults. The school is owned by the town of Heusden-Zolder. The staff is on the payroll of the Flemish government. CVO HZ is a large school in its category. We host 3000 adult students, starting from 16-year-olds. The departments are: languages (French, English, Italian, Spanish and Dutch for foreigners), graphic design (desktop publishing, webdesign, photography), IT ( a large number of courses ranging from starter courses, multimedia, MS Office, Apple Macintosh, programming, hardware technician, Cisco Networking Academy), fashion, cooking, bookkeeping, DIY (bricklaying, isolating, electricity), construction, gardening (garden design and garden construction, growing herbs, roses and vegetables, chainsaw techniques and maintenance).

Our public can be divided into three groups: regular adult students, unemployed students and companies. The programmes for the unemployed are recognized by VDAB, the Flemish governmental institute for career advisement. 70% of the students find a good job within the first half year after the training, that comprises of 4/5 months of fulltime training (36 hours per week) and a six week apprenticeship in companies. CVO has developed a couple of products for companies. There are language courses, a bookkeeping course and a training for MS Office, called ‘Office on the work floor’. These courses are tailored to the company’s needs and wishes.

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CFA building Franche-Comté and the regional CFA BTP were created in 1974 on the initiative of employers and employees, members of trade unions Building that sat on Departmental Groups of Learning departments of Doubs, Haute Saone Jura and Territoire de Belfort.

CFA building Franche-Comté is composed of equal numbers of representatives of employers CAPEB unions (Confederation of Artisanal Small Building Companies) and FFB (French Building Federation) and leaders of trade unions (CFDT, CFTC, CGC, CGT, FO ) of four departments in the region.

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European Training Network is born from the wish of different private operators that for years have worked in the sector of formal and informal learning and of vocational training in the European environment.

The aim of the association, non-profit, is to promote the realisation of the experiences for the individuals’ learning and vocational training. Aware of the importance that learning processes, both formal and informal, have on the development of individuals, of organisations and of territories, European Training Network promotes the projects for the learning in different contexts: classroom, platforms, digitals, companies etc, and invests in activities which contribute to enhance youth creativity, integration and mutual understanding.

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ESMOVIA is a Spanish company located in Valencia and is dedicated to the management of European mobility projects within the Lifelong Learning Programme (mainly under sub-programmes Leonardo da Vinci and Erasmus, but also under Grundtvig).

We specialise in providing work placements, educational programmes and study visits to young people and adults coming from all over Europe.

We believe transnational mobility is one of the most important ways of getting new skills and improving the future employability as well as the personal development of participants. For this reason our main objective is to offer quality programmes so that participants get the maximum benefit from the Spanish training and personal experience.

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Bulgaria Gateway organises and manages work experiences and educational programmes for students, trainers and people on the labour market.

Our mission is to provide quality training experiences in order to increase beneficiaries’ career prospects and personal prosperity.

Our agency in Sofia deals requests coming from all over Europe. We put together host companies professional requests with individuals training needs.

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