TEKK Challenge

TEKK Challenge

One programme we deliver is the TEKK Challenge, this programme is designed to give 9 to 13-year-old pupils who are currently in Year 5-8, a hands-on, practical experience of forming a company to meet a technological challenge, and to help them identify and develop Enterprise and STEM skills and attitudes that will be invaluable to them both now and in their future working lives. Ambassadors from local businesses work side by side with pupils and teachers in the schools raising awareness of opportunities, sharing knowledge and building partnerships.

How can you support TEKK Challenge?

Bring your technology. Show students exactly what it means to work for your company and the skills you need from future employees. Give them first-hand information they will find hard to get elsewhere.

Run a workshop. Students relish the opportunity to try out practical experiments and challenges which are often squeezed out of the school timetable. It’s a powerful way to show them that science, engineering and technology often rely on creativity, teamwork and inspiration. It’s not all about labs and white coats.

Become a TEKK sponsor. If your business needs to recruit the best technical skills in the UK, be pro-active in supporting talent. By sponsoring students to attend TEKK Challenge events, you are directly affecting your future skills resource at the same time as finding a beneficial recipient for your CSR budget.